Powerful Copywriting Hacks

12 Powerful Copywriting Hacks For 2022

Powerful copywriting hacks for 2022. Copywriting is an art, but it’s not the same as writing fiction. To get the results, you need to know how to craft your blogs and posts so they draw customers in. Are you looking for better conversion rates? Then you’ll need to work on your copywriting skills. Here are 12 hacks to get the most from your content.

12 Powerful Copywriting Hacks

1. Write As You Talk

Use everyday conversational knowledge. Imagine your prospect sitting across from you at the table. You want your readers to have a connection and that feeling of having a personal one-on-one conversation with you.

If you find it hard to do this, have a talk with your target audience. Ask them about their pain points, concerns, hopes, and needs. Use the conversation to write your copy. You could also record the conversation if you want, so you can play it again and relieve it.

Powerful Copywriting Hacks

2. Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines

You might have come across some killer headlines that were so irresistible that you just found yourself reading the rest of the content.

The headline is the start of your copy. It’s designed to get your readers to read the first paragraph. There are so many headline formulas. Examples are “How to…”, “Discover…” and so many more.

The best way to write attention-grabbing headlines is to reinvent some killer headlines that went viral. You can use Google or Buzzsumo to find trending headlines and put them into a swipe file. You can also use survey sites like Quora to find out your customer’s pain points and problems and create headlines from them.

The key is to just find popular headlines to steal. So when next you are stuck for ideas, you can reach into your swipe file for inspiration

3. Use Story to Connect With Your Readers

Facts tell, stories sell. People are naturally drawn to stories. Ever since you were a kid, you’ve always loved hearing stories. Think of the public speaker who starts a speech with a story or uses stories throughout the presentation. It makes for an interesting presentation and often holds the interest of the audience.

Stories have lessons to teach or experiences to share or endings to excite, surprise or bring out an emotion. Stories make your copy more relatable. Use stories to make a point. Don’t just state your point plainly. Look for a way to add a relevant story to enhance your point.

4. Start strong

When you start a copy, lead with your strongest point. Give away your best idea first. Don’t save it for last. Doing that allows you to immediately grab your readers, and compel them to read the rest of your copy.

When people come across the material, they skim, scroll and scam. Your opening has to hook them. If your opening is not compelling enough, your readers will quickly lose interest and avoid reading the rest of your copy.

Powerful Copywriting Hacks

5. Get Into your Reader’s Head

You want your readers to go like “Hey, how did you know that! You are absolutely right?” or “This happens to me all the time.” When you can get into your reader’s heads and write using their own words, they will feel like you are speaking directly with them and that you really understand what they are going through.

For you to effectively carry this out, you need to know your ideal target audience inside out. Research your ideal target audience and know everything there is to know about them.

6. Focus More on The Benefits

Don’t spend too much time talking about the features of your product or service in your copy. Your customers don’t care about your features. They are interested in the benefits of what your product can do for them.

A good exercise you can carry out is to list out all the features of your product and service, and ask yourself for every feature listed “SO WHAT?”

Your answer will most likely be the benefit of that particular feature. Benefits are very powerful because it gives your readers a reason to want your product and take action. People take action when there is a reason or motive.

7. Be Honest

Your sales message must be honest. Consumers are very smart. They can tell when someone is truthful in what they are trying to communicate.

The more truthful you are, the more effectively your message will be accepted by your prospects. So many people overestimate the positive features of their products or services. They make it seem so good and perfect; without any flaws

The best sales messages are the ones where the negative features of the product can be pointed out in addition to the positive features, and still be able to convince the customer that it doesn’t amount to much and why they should still buy. Customers really appreciate the truth. It shows you really care about their needs, and you have their best interest at heart.

8. Make repetitions

The more you repeat something, the more it sticks into your subconscious.

The more you hear something, the more we believe it to be true. Find a way to repeat important points in your copy at least twice. It will ensure that your readers properly get your message.

9. Be specific

One way to establish credibility in your offer is by being specific. For example, if we were to say, “New programmers use and recommend Python as their programming language”, it sounds like typical advertising lingo to just sell a product. It’s so general that it may cause the target audience to discount the statement

But if I said, “90% of programmers use and recommend python programming language”, it sounds much more believable. The consumer is likely to believe that I did a scientific survey or research. Consumers discard general statements that sound like typical advertising bubbles. Statements with specific facts generate strong believability.

10. Add involvement devices

Here you are making the readers feel that they already own the product and you are letting them use their imaginations as you take them through the steps of what it would be like if they already own it

In your copy, let your readers take a stroll down a path with you, let them smell the fragrance through your nose, or let them experience some of the emotions you are feeling by forming a mental picture from your description

Make your readers feel like they are already using your product in their minds, even before they have purchased it. This makes them want your product the more. The reader is either taking action or imagining taking action through the power of the words you write.

11. Sense of Urgency

People procrastinate. Give your readers a reason to act at the moment. Provide a form of urgency in your offer to get them to take action.

12. Check Your Grammar

Bad grammar has destroyed many companies’ copywriting. The content is written could be highly useful, but if no reader can understand what is being said due to poor grammar, then there’s no point in posting it. Using good grammar makes your content professional and reliable, so it’s vital that you get it right.

If it’s been a long time since you have gone to English class, that’s easier said than done. Fortunately, there’s plenty of help available online. Try using Grammarly to get you started.


By using even these powerful copywriting hacks, your content will improve in measurable ways. Now that you know how to create content that converts better, it’s time to put these hacks into practice!

Just remember, don’t apply all of them at the same time. Choose 2-3 and move forward. Wait a few days and analyze the results.

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