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6 Ways To Motivate Yourself for Blogging When Feeling Down

Have you lost motivation for blogging? Composing a blog isn’t a simple task. When individuals start blogging, they completely invested in their passion for blogging. They reliably compose regular posts, read comments, and so on…

After a specific period, they get exhausted and these things start getting tedious. It happens generally with the people new to the blogging world, in the early days of their blogging; as they don’t earn from their write-ups. It has a high effect of being demotivated from writing. They also feel demotivated from blogging and think; they are burning through their time.

This is the main reason behind why so many new bloggers out there stopping blogging altogether. This can destroy all that you win from the very first moment of your blogging. Inevitably, you will quit blogging.

At a certain point, bloggers encounter loss of blogging inspiration, including myself. Maybe this is a direct result of a long time it takes to makes it successful.

In case, you’ve lost your blogger’s inspiration or motivation, don’t sweat it! In such times, where we have to pick ourselves up, discover our inspiration and follow the goals. I’ve arranged a couple of tips to help you out in case you have lost motivation for blogging. By the end of this post, you’ll have the inspiration to outshine yourself and will to blog again with newfound motivation.

6 Ways to Boost Your Motivation For Blogging

Before going ahead, I want to tell that everyone has their own ways to overcome demotivation. In any case, I am going to share some best tips and techniques to regain your motivation,

Think Why You Started Blogging? 

When you start writing there must be a purpose for that. Maybe you want to share your insight which you have about a particular topic or maybe you want to earn cash.

Did you start a blog as you wanted to:

  • Work from home
  • Earn money
  • Get more traffic to your website
  • Establish a reputation for your brand
  • Help others by education them

Whatever might be the reason for your blogging, these goals will give you the motivation needed to keep going and finding new ways to reach more people and earn online income.

Blog for yourself first and for others second

Many bloggers make content for their target audience. While this is a good thing for you to grab the attention of the readers, you have to compose for yourself first.

One of the first and most basic slip-ups new bloggers make is to copy the style of other bloggers. Your writing is your own space, and it should mirror your personality and your voice. You probably won’t have tons of fans in a day, or even in a year, however in the event that if you are helping one individual, it is worth your time.

Simply adhere to your topic of choice and compose whatever interests you. Perhaps the confusion about blogging is that there is no reason for writing on topics that have been explained by people multiple times previously. It’s not true.

The truth is there are thousands of web users surfacing everyday searching for new content, and your blog may be among the best websites that new users will come across. They might like your writing style or the information you have shared. You could be the one to instruct them about whatever it is they need to learn. In short, stick to your specialty and write for yourself.

Start with Basics

Numerous bloggers tragically start with data that is unreasonably difficult for a novice to understand.

For example, if you are blogging and your first post is about “How To Start A Blog”. Most people don’t know the basics of what is needed to start a blog. In simple terms, you can explain how they can start blogging without relying on them the hard to understand information about hosting, and so on. You have to build a sustainable readership base for your website.

So as to make interesting, and engaging content for your readers, you have to focus on basics before moving to the advanced topics. It implies that what you write has to help your audience understand the topic.

Blog with no materialistic view

There is constantly a thought process or reason behind blogging. When I began to write my main motive was to share information. I wrote about anything which intrigued me. Money was the last thing on my mind. The initial “thank you” remarks I got served to persuade me to keep blogging for my audience.

When you blog with materialistic intentions, you pass up the simple truth of blogging: Bloggers blog since they love writing.

The blog is your personal space, where you can write things that interest you or have passion for. In time, similarly invested people will discover and follow you, and they will love reading new posts from you.

Take a look at how far you’ve come

Many times we consider how far we are from our objectives and neglect to think how far we’ve come. You’ve grown a lot and become better at writing since you have begun. You may even have many social media fans and supporters on your website as well.

If such is the case, then you ought to be pleased with yourself for getting this far where most bloggers fall flat from demotivation and surrender.

In simple terms, you have to understand that blogging is an endless learning venture and with passing time, you’ll know more than the earlier day. Simply envision how much further you’ll be coming years or even a long time from now if you keep writing.

Looking at different bloggers who motivate you 

Think about bloggers whose posts motivate you. Ask yourself how you think they got to this point. That is right! They certainly didn’t get to where they are today by giving things a chance to like “demotivated” to hinder their objectives, that is without a doubt.

These bloggers worked hard and defeated numerous hindrances to get to where they are today. You have to do the same. Try not to quit working and one day you can turn into a blogger that different people will look forward too. Comment your queries.


Richa Verma

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