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Create Optimized Content That Set Search Engines On Fire!

Optimized articles are also known as SEO articles. SEO content therefore reflects optimized content. Are YOU ready to learn how to write both optimized articles and content; to please both search engines and readers? Copywriting may just be YOUR NICHE!

Search engines look for relevant keywords and relevant key phrases. Humans look for overall content and structure, well written material and informative information.

As a top content writing services in Delhi, you must write for BOTH search engines and humans; both are equal in importance. Well written optimized articles or optimized content is not put together quickly by adding keywords in a whimsical manner. Your article or content must be properly researched, formatted, and contain proper keywords.

All the while, you will be seamlessly weaving in your writing talent to produce a well written piece. You have a dual role to perform; you must over deliver outstanding content to the reader, your very important audience, and also write to keep the search engines happy.

Keyword density is normally about 5%, but often, less keyword density still works well with the search engines. Keyword density, informally speaking, is the ratio of keywords and key phrases you use in your article. SEO articles need not be exceedingly long. You do not want to lose the attention of the reader.

  1. Do not write about things everyone already knows. The audience is looking for new and informative information.
  2. Do not add fluff, or repeat words, simply to make it to a particular word count. The fact is, every word should count, so don’t fill up space with empty or repetitive words.

Adding too many keywords or repeating the same ones can get you blacklisted in the search engines. As a writer, your goal should be to write an article that is keyword rich, well researched, and is thoroughly enjoyable for the reader. You don’t want to try to “trick” search engines like Google or Yahoo you need them on your side.

Remember that fresh content enriches a web site, which in turn can result in high traffic to the site. Never sacrifice a well written and researched SEO article (optimized article) or content because you feel you aren’t an expert on the subject you are writing on. Building a solid article takes time and research.

A solid article or content makes for a stronger online presence for the site and web master, who will be thrilled with your service. Establish yourself as a professional, deliver goods on time and follow deadlines. When you write SEO copy, you are conveying your experience and unique tone into a variety of articles and content.

The internet has introduced many opportunities to the world of copywriting. Anyone can become a good copywriter, whether you have writing experience or not. Being new to the writing scene can be an advantage to an aspiring writer, it is an advantage to see the writing world through fresh eyes.

If you are already a seasoned writer, bring your talent to the table. Let writing-content-that-sells.com help you with the rest. If you would like to have professional writing advisement 

Perhaps you have read ad copy and have said to yourself, “I could write more convincing ad copy than that!”

You may have dreamed of becoming a freelance writer or copywriter and your dream is certainly an obtainable one. There are two main factors to look at:

  1. You must write effective ad copy
  2. You must know where to advertise and sell your service

Copywriting is creating advertising copy for a client that helps them sell their product or service. As a copywriter you may write: body copy, headlines, advertisements, slogans, lyrics, copy for direct mail, online copy, copy for ezines, newsletters, scripts, press releases, etc.

Copywriting should sell the reader on the usefulness or necessity of the product or service. The writer does this by using words to weave a magical phrase that convinces a reader they must try a product, tempt their taste buds with a particular food, or try an available service. The general population is always searching, for solutions, for better products, for a new food or dish. Here is a sample version of bad copywriting and good copywriting.


Buck’s Fast Food serves good steaks and has good service. We don’t think you’ll find a better restaurant anywhere, so visit Buck’s Fast Food today.


Buck’s Fast Food serves delicious, tantalizing burgers, cooked to perfection, just one of our many specialties. We put our emphasis on the customer, with friendly help and prices low enough you can afford to bring the entire family. Visit us today.


The BAD COPY lacks depth, plain and simple. It points out the obvious and does nothing to tempt a customer’s taste buds, or convince them they NEED to try their establishment. The ad copy leaves absolutely no lasting impression. It is dull and quite vague and does little to sell the service/product.

The GOOD COPY justifies exactly why a customer should try Buck’s Fast Food. Words such as “delicious” and “tantalizing” linger in a customer’s mind. The ad copy makes reference to friendly service and low prices, further enticing a customer to try Buck’s. Good food. Friendly service. Affordable prices. Get the picture? Your job is to use your writing skills to SELL the PRODUCT or SERVICE.


I will share three powerful elements with you that decides if your writing will be copy or great copy. Great copy convinces a reader that they will experience many benefits by reacting to the copy. If they visit a restaurant, they will get excellent food. If they try a new hair product, their hair will be shinier and have less split ends.

If they put gas at a particular gas station, they can earn points toward free snacks. For every action they take, they are benefiting in some way. People do not trade in average and ordinary for more of the same. They need more, they want more, in fact, they demand more.

Becoming a freelance copywriter is a process. You don’t just quit your day job and expect to jump into copywriting full time. You must carefully build your client base. This takes time and patience. You must start by getting a few clients under your belt. These must be satisfied clients who want to continually use your services. As you build your list of clients, your income will grow alongside your client list.


You can start building your client base by advertising your writing services locally or globally. There are online publications that allow you to place free classified ads. There are sites you can visit to promote your work and web masters looking for writers like yourself.

As with any service you use, be sure to read all of the fine print. Read all terms and conditions, rules and regulations. As you check out each site, you will find the service that best suits your specific needs. Each of these services allows coders and writers to match their services to web masters and business owners.

As a rule of thumb, if you freelance through any of these sites, it is always a good idea to do all correspondence via the site’s board. If there are any misunderstandings or miscommunications regarding a project; a mediator will be able to view all correspondence and it will outline your communication more effectively. You can also hire freelance content writer in Delhi in order to create SEO content for your clients.

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