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Establish Blogs & Blogging Presence With Your Writing Skills!


Blogs are often known as online diaries whose posts are dated in order of occurrence (chronologically). You can share information that is work or pleasure based via the internet.

“Blogging” is essentially posting a message to a blog. The “blogger” is the person posting the message. Many blogs allow a person the ability to post photos and receive comments from readers.

Blogs can be relative to any subject, although they are usually based on a specific topic or on an individual’s personal thoughts / opinions. Often, the blogs contain links to other related sites and are often free to operate. You do not need to know html or programming code to operate one and they are simple to set up, maintain, and operate.


The question is, “Who doesn’t use a blog?!” It seems that EVERYONE uses a blog these days, grandparents, teens, celebrities, clubs, news agencies, businesses, the list is endless.

Share photos and details of family members’ birthday parties, weddings, or any holiday occasion. Share news among family members, world wide, post baby pictures, or start a blog on any hobby or passion. Blogs are equally suited for businesses to post updates for the public, their employees or others.


Make regular postings on your blog about your business if you wish to develop rapport with your customers. As well, you may find yourself gaining interest from other media outlets and potential customers. A business can share their expertise and information about their company; which results in building web traffic.

Blogs were originally intended as a source of information, rather than a means of commercial advertisement. However, blogs are simply a marvelous online tool for businesses.

Customers will appreciate reading updates on your business, this helps to create a sense of community and trust. Use links to your business page, which will create traffic from search engines and blog readers.

Obviously, there are ranges of benefits for company by also marketing purpose and utilizing blogs for promotions. A site is believed to be an excess tool that is capable to attain new consumers and also make an energetic group or community, which deals review, explanations, opinions and information of a business and also reputation and services and its commodities.

To achieve new consumers: By utilizing site as a main component of an internet marketing and promotion programs that provides you an opportunity for reaching customers and also present new company features for your consumers that are existing.

Social networking is considered as in a nature, where a single individual consumer can share encounter with their own respective network which allows for reaching more people. Blog’s disposition is one, which can be updating and frequently refreshed, that’s actively useful to acquire higher search results rankings, which obviously attract customers in a very effective method.

Collecting reviews and testimonials: Websites and readers’ comments are regarded as a significant source of advice for your business and also for readers and consumers too. Read comments and give detailed feedback for your services and products and also on your individual business activities.

While getting a positive feedback that offers confidence and encouragement to prospective customers, whereas feedback provides the chance for concerning to react to you, reevaluate and it’s advised to protect the quality of your services and products and your company procedures.

Creating brand or personality: Personal nature of blogging has capability to generate online client service and also which impressively enable a company to advance and growth of a personality or particular characteristics of creativity. Such features demand defining and arrangement via planning to make sure stability in one.

Reacting and organizing complaints: Ready to face complaints and negative comments, it’s suggested to never react unfavorably to real feedback. A way you respond begun by your blog that will have a very important impact on the way you’re judged by your own followers and internet group or community.


Don’t overlook the opportunity of offering YOUR writing services to businesses, corporate clients and web masters. Many of these people maintain web sites and blogs and don’t have time to create content for either. They are looking for someone that can grasp an understanding their business, who can translate their thoughts, business information, etc into viable, strong content for sites and blogs.

That is where you come in to save the day. Are you multi-faceted? Do you have the gift of understanding the elements of different businesses, and then writing strong web site content and blog content?

These are questions you must ask yourself. Take your own life experience with previous jobs or education and put your knowledge to work for your client. You can always concentrate your efforts in areas you are well versed in and have specific knowledge of.

Get word out that you are a content writer, blog writer, and business writer. Offer your services by resume, online, in job banks and directories, in free online advertising publications. Just wait until the queries start coming in. You can always create your own blog to sell your writing services and use that as your building block.

Remember that word of mouth is often your strongest means of advertising. Always be professional, deliver work as promised, and your clients will refer you to many of their associates. Pretty soon your writing talents will snowball into a great opportunity for you.

It is easy to create your own blog (for free). Simply visit one of the major search engines and do a search under the word “blog” or words “free blog”. There are many blog sites that offer their services for free.

Create an online presence the simple and most cost effective way. Though blogs don’t have all of the features of a full fledged web site, they are a great online tool, whether they are used for personal or business use. Most blog services will provide you with ready made templates, and have online instructions for setting up your blog.

Weave your own presence into the internet by starting your blog today.


Richa Verma

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