Internet of things

Technology is changing every day with innovations and idea that are making the life of people more comfortable. IoT or “Internet of Things” is one such innovation that is revolutionary and changing the way we interact with technology. IoT now a significant trend that people are following these days. The number of IoT devices increased 31% over the years to 8.4 billion in the year 2017. It is expected to reach 30 billion devices controlled by internet by 2020.

What is IoT?

Internet of things (IoT) is a concept that describes a network of everyday electronic devices, software and actuators being connected to the internet and able to connect, interact and exchange data. In layman’s language, there are many electronic gadgets in your house like television, cars, AC, etc., that are controlled by the internet. The idea behind IoT is to expand the connectivity of the internet beyond computer, smartphones and tablets to everyday objects like vehicles, home appliance, machines and more. With the latest technology, these objects can communicate and interact over the Internet, being able to identify and be controlled.

The term “Internet of things” was first given by Kevin Ashton, the co-founder of the Auto-ID Center at MIT in 1999. Cisco Systems defined the Internet of things as “simply the point in time when more ‘things or objects’ were connected to the Internet than people”. It was estimated that IoT was “born” between 2008 and 2009.

We know now that the Internet of things is kinda cool but how does it work?

The technology behind IoT is that it uses sensors and API’s to connect over the internet. Let us take the example of television and refrigerator. They both are connected through the Internet via some embedded processors or sensor. Both tv and refrigerator are physical things that have an internet connection. It is an interface where all devices interact and communicate with each other. All these functions are controlled through a control device like an app on your smartphone. Impressive isn’t it; you can easily control and make them so small things without being physically present these with few clicks of the button.


With manufactures taking control and making more internet controlled devices, this industry has shown a tremendous increase over the period. IoT has many useful real-life applications that have made the life of people more comfortable.

1. Consumer

Smart house – Smart homes are the concept of home automation equipped with smart thermostats, smart appliances, heating, air conditioning, media, security systems, lighting and other electronic devices can be controlled by computers, smartphones or other devices.

Hospitals – In the health care system, for elderly people and people with disabilities, it has proved to be of great assistance. Doctors can easily monitor patients and data generated by the computers of the patient. The homes have the technology to accommodate one’s specific disabilities and additional safety measures.

Smarty City – Smart city, as the name suggests is a smart city. It is one of the big innovation that spans across the from the water distribution to environmental monitoring and urban city. The smart city aims to remove the discomfort of the people through solving city related problem like traffic, population and help to make the city safer.

2. Transportation

IoT benefits extend to all aspects of the transportation system. IoT can assist with the control of various components of transportation like smart traffic control, smart parking, electronic toll collection systems, vehicle control, and safety and road assistance. The sensors send data to the IoT interface for analysation and then sent further to the users.

Connected cars

– it is the vast technology with an extensive network of multiple sensors, embedded software, antenna and much more. It assists in communication to navigate through the traffic and is responsible for deciding accuracy, speed, and consistency. These automated vehicles are successfully tested on our highways now.

Smart supply chain

– supply chain is getting smarter and offering a solution to our problems like tracking of goods while they are on the road, help supplier to give inventory information. Factories that contains data sensors, through IOT communicates data about different parameters like temperature, pressure and utilisation of the machines, etc.


The future of IoT is fascinating than any other thing. IoT is developed to make our life and work easier. Still, there are many more areas that IoT impacts that I haven’t discussed like detection of environmental issues and many more. Internet of Things has so much potential in the coming years.


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