Most Haunted Places Of Uttarakhand

India is a land of mysteries and that have many untold stories and secret of kings, wars, murders, etc. India has a long list of haunted places with supernatural occurrences, places abandoned by its people because of mysterious deaths, unknown voices, spirit sightings and many more mysterious hauntings. If you are up for an adrenaline rush from visiting these haunted places then you can start from here. Here are the top most haunted places in India that you should definitely visit with your friends to explore the unknown and know the real meaning of the supernatural.

Uttarakhand is known as dev bhumi or “the land of god”. But in contrast to it also has its fair share of haunted stories and mysterious tragedies which will not let you sleep. So let’s take a look at top 5 haunted places in Uttarakhand.

1. Lambi Dehar mines – Excruciating deaths of mine workers

Mussoorie is one of the most famous hill stations in the state of Uttarakhand. On the outskirts of the Mussoorie lies Lambi Dehar mines which were isolated by its inhabitant’s long time ago. Now overgrown with trees and shrubs this pace has an eerie presence with ruins of mines that will send chills down to your spine.

It is a place of tragedy where around 50,000 mine worker died an agonizing death due to ill-treatment and wrongful practice of mining. Its story can be traced back to 1990 when the mine worker began to fall ill. They were in a miserable state as no precautions or safety was taken to prevent the illness.  They died a painful death coughing blood. It is called ghost mines since then. If you ask the nearby villagers they will advise you to stay away from this place as a sinister presence of the women (witch as told by locals) who roam at night has been seen by the locals. Also, wailing and screaming at night had been heard, said to be the cry of those workers who died. Dehar mines have been closed after the accident but still, there have been reports of accidents and strange supernatural occurrences since then making Lambi Dehar mines, one of the most haunted places in Uttarakhand. Also, a helicopter crashed near the mines making belief of the people more strong. You can reach Lambi Dehar mines by a private vehicle or book a taxi. It is about 35 km from Dehradun and 10 km from Mussoorie.

2. Pari Tibbat – A love affair

I know the name pari sounds good to you but the actual meaning of Pari in Gadwali language is a witch. This place is also known as “The Witches Hills”. Pari Tibba is located in South of Mussoorie, near Woodstock School. This is the magical place which was mentioned by Ruskin Bond in his books. It is also known for its paranormal activities across the land. Struck by lightning many times, evidence of burnt trees and grasses can be seen all the time. Local villages say that two lovers were once killed by lightning and were burned alive. There burned bodies were found days later. It is believed that their ghost roams and haunts these beautiful mountain lands. The local’s advice not to visit this place during the full moon at night.

Pari tibba is a short hike from Woodstock school around 3 km which can take up to 2 hours. You can visit this place with your friends, it’s a great picnic spot.

3. Haunted House Of Lohaghat – A doctor who predict future

Lohaghat is a hill station located in Champawat district of Uttarakhand. Lahoghat is a place of stunning beauty and exquisite landscape; one won’t be sceptical of its dark past. Lahighat has a mysterious past with deep dark secrets.There was a bungalow called Abbey in Abbott hills which was turned into a hospital in 1920. The hospital was converted into a charitable trust and was always flooded with patients due to the availability of doctors and facilities. One day a new doctor named Morgan came and became the talk of the town. He claimed that he can predict one’s future that is the date of the patient’s death. Just by looking at the patient he tells whether he will live or die. Few days before the death of the patient, he took them to special ward Mokti Kothri or room of freedom where the patients were found dead the next day. It is still not proven whether he kills them or they just died naturally. It was believed that he performed experiments on them that resulted in the patient’s death.

The bungalow where deaths happened and the Abbot hills are said to be haunted and nobody dares to go there after dark because of fear of evil spirits. The Abbey was also the first house in that region, said to have angered the gods of hills. That’s why next to nothing development has taken place there and that place never prospered. Other sightings like Bhoot k Dhaage were two ghosts that were seen roaming together whole holding hands.

4. The Savoy Hotel – An unsolved murder mystery

The Savoy is one of the spookiest hotels in India. It is a luxurious historic hotel established in 1902 in English Gothic style architecture. In the summers of 1911, the hotel was visited by Miss Frances Garnett Orme and Miss Eva Mountsephen, both were spiritualist psychic known for doing seance and crystal reading. Miss Orme, a 49 years old lady was promised to a British Officer but he died mysterious death just before their marriage leading to her interest in communicating with the spirits. After few days Miss Mountsephen went to Lucknow, Miss Orme was found dead in her bed while the door was locked from inside. Upon postmortem, it was found that she died of prussic acid poisoning. The doctor who did her postmortem also died a couple of days later who was also poisoned by strychnine. Her murderer was never found. This case inspired detective novel “The Mysterious Affairs at style” by Agatha Christie.

Since then it was believed that the hall of the hotel is haunted by Miss Orme looking for her murderer. Another mysterious death happened at the hotel of Betsy Ward. She was found dead in the bathtub in room 505. Guests do not prefer to stay in this room.Many guests who visited the hotel have heard strange noticed of flush going off, women whispering, doors opening and closing and sighted a silhouette of a lady.

Are you up for a night stay in this hotel?

5. Mullingar Mansion – A man from the past

It was the first built homes in Missouri constructed by Irish captain Young in 1825. After his retirement, he went back to Ireland. According to the local lore, a ghost riding through the woods is seen around the mansion. It is believed that it is Captain Young who is seen roaming on moon drenched nights that revisit this place he called home.Locals have reported strange happening around the mansion and stay away from the place at night.


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