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I am using the Grammarly from a very long time here is my reviews about the Grammarly for different user as well as their differnt features.

Grammarly works differently for the different users, it is best tool for especially non-english speaking region. The Grammarly is Mostly used by the bloggers, Students, and in big companies in support departments.

My Review

Truth be told, the benefits of Grammarly punctuation checker are unending. Yes, it has limitless advantages that are hard to express in short. By the way, I can tell you the obvious benefits of this killer grammar checker tool so that you can have some ideas about its awesomeness.

One of the great questions that has been raised over again is whether or not this program will really help with making English as easy as the creators of it would like it to be. It was created by professionals, which means that those who designed the software were able to work at making it as easy to use as possible.

This is important, because even if some features might not help much, they still have to be used properly in order to get results. That is why there has to be someone who designed the software to make it work.

Another thing that has been questioned is whether or not the software can actually prevent grammatical errors from occurring. Of course, this is a great benefit.

However, it is not as important as what the software can actually do in terms of helping the user to correct spelling and other grammatical mistakes. In fact, it could be a detriment if too many of these are corrected incorrectly.

The main purpose of this program is to help improve the way that a person writes in English. However, when the software is used incorrectly, there is an increased chance that the writer will miss a particular part of the sentence. This may sound confusing, but when trying to understand how this program can help one write better, it helps to look at it in a different way.

Grammar is a tricky subject to master. It is a good idea to hire a professional who knows how to approach this subject. If you are one of those who are not too familiar with this field, then Grammarly might be just what you need.

Once you learn how to avoid grammar mistakes, it becomes easier to communicate with others. This is something that anyone will appreciate.

Who Can Use Grammarly?

Content Writer

 It is best tool for the blogger, because it not only check the grammar mistakes but also the Plagiarism in the written content. Google loves the Unique content.

With the help of grammarly we can create the unique content with high speed because it check the Plagiarism constantly we write the content. As with the other plagiarism check first we have to write the content only after that we can check the plagiarism.

So, Grammarly is pure Gold for the blogger. Blogger needs to generate large amount of content and also unique to get higher traffic. Grammarly helps to speed up their content writing tasks. I would like to rate grammarly 5 out of 5 star.


Students in the Schools, Universities get assignment every week. Their assignments are checked through turnitin mostly, for grammar mistakes and Plagiarism.

Students can’t buy the turnitin because, turnitin provides their services only to the institutes not individuals. So, Grammarly is a good alternative to the turnitin. Some Universities and colleges in the North America already started using Grammarly to check and score the students assignments.

But there is one difference between grammarly and turnitin that’s of plagiarism. The plagiarism is always lower in the Grammarly as compared to checked through Turnitin. So I would rate grammarly 4 out of 5 star for Students.


Business is depends upon the reputation, Support of services provided by that company. If support team make grammarly mistakes, then it will deteriorate the company reputation as well as revenue. So, to maintain the company revenue Grammarly or any alternative tool is must for that company.

As grammarly is providing best user interface as compared to other, So it is high value tool for any company. So for business related one, grammarly is must have tool.

Grammarly is providing Free as well premium version of their service. In Free we can check only Grammar mistakes, in premium additional advanced grammar mistakes and Plagiarism as well.

Grammarly is must have tool for Bloggers and business.


Richa Verma

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