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These Terms and Conditions govern your usage of our website. Content is available through www.richacontentwriter.com. These terms and conditions are a legal agreement between Richa Content Writer and you regarding your use of our website and any services we offer. You have read and accepted the terms and conditions of our site and are now legally bound to them.

Richa Content Writer can add or remove terms and conditions at any time. To ensure compliance with these policies and conditions, the user must periodically review and revise these Terms and Conditions. 

All intellectual property rights (e.g. audio, video and logos) on this Site are the property Richa Content Writer. They are protected by Indian laws. All information theft shall be prosecuted to the maximum extent allowed by law.

These terms and conditions apply to all users who access this Site on mobile or desktop computers. You must read the following terms and conditions if you are a regular user of Richa Content Writer.

This page will reflect any changes to the terms and conditions. These are the following terms and conditions:

1) By using our website, the user agrees that our privacy policy shall apply to them. These terms will take effect when a user lands on www.richacontentwriter.com. If a user doesn’t agree to these conditions, they may discontinue using or visiting this Site.

2) Richa Content Writer has the legal right to modify these terms at anytime by posting changes online without prior notice to users. To ensure you are up-to-date on any changes made by us, it is recommended that you review these terms frequently.

3) The content of our website is not allowed to be copied, reproduced, transmitted, republished, downloaded, posted, or used in any other way than for personal, non-commercial purposes. Except for personal use, you are not permitted to modify or create derivative works from our content. Our company will not allow any other use of the Richa Content Writer material.

4) We are not responsible for or liable for any losses or damages that are not foreseen, known, or otherwise to any individual or company.

(a) Information loss

(b) Loss or destruction of business

(c) Loss in opportunity

(d) Loss in reputation

(e) Third-party losses; or

(f) Indirect damages arising from the use of Richa Content Writer regardless of the action.

Terms of Service

  1. Richa Content Writers will offer 2 revisions to your content. Additional revisions will incur additional charges if you require more than two.
  2. The proposal / quotation is sent to the client as final. Offers / pricing on this website may be changed.
  3. A client who orders content under a 5-day deadline will receive it within five days. If a client places an order for content Monday night, it will be delivered on Monday morning, which is five business days from the date of purchase. Weekends and major holidays will not be counted as working days.
  4. Clients have five days to request revisions and changes after the content is delivered. The content will be accepted and sold if the client does not request a review within five working days.
  5. We guarantee that all content we deliver is free from plagiarism and grammar errors. 
  6. We will automatically assign all Intellectual Property Rights to clients upon acceptance by them of the Submission and Completion of Payment.
  7. The client’s content order should not be in violation of any third-party sources. This includes moral rights, trademarks, and service marks, as well as copyright. Any violation of these terms and conditions can result in the suspension or cancellation of your services.
  8. If the client is unable to find the content that he/she requires, the client can reject the order. The client must state the reason why he/she rejects the order. The rejected orders will be reviewed by our writer again. If the writer finds that the client is doing something wrong with the content, the client will be charged. If the client is not satisfied, he or she can request improvement and two additional revisions.
  9. The Richa Content Writer should provide content to clients that are fair and legal as agreed upon before placing an order.

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