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Why Mega.nz Is The Best App For Storage?

Mega is a mythical titan in the cloud storage globe. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Mega provides limit-free encrypted storage for users. Mega offers end-to-end encryption model, which ensures complete protection to your information. It also has a generous free program and inexpensive pricing because of its high-capacity paid plans.


As you’ll quickly discover if you review Mega.nz as a possible cloud storage platform to your business, the company concentrates on providing top-notch protection — even at the cost of integration, utility, and compatibility, which are the hallmarks of its main competitors, Google Drive and Dropbox.

However, its extremely straightforward interface and easy-to-understand features make it perfect for users with no prior understanding of how cloud storage functions. Let’s take a peek at Mega’s main capabilities.

Mega’s marketing messages begin with the agency’s advanced encryption capabilities. End-to-end encryption offers full-spectrum security and privacy. If your information enters a Mega.nz security review, it is really secure.

End-to-end encryption means that each of the documents and information that you store at Mega are encrypted prior to transmission and while being saved on Mega’s cloud servers. Just you and the people you authorize to get them may decode the data. Just you and the people that you talk about the security key with may decrypt the files.

With end-to-end encryption, even governments and international agencies with a proper warrant can not gain access to your documents from Mega, since the company can’t decrypt your files .

Mega’s encryption method depends on special private keys which are generated locally for each user. When you create your Mega accounts, your private key — a long string of characters and numbers — is generated automatically. Maintaining this private key protected is crucial. If you lose it, you are going to lose access to your stored files indefinitely.

Additional Security

Along with end-to-end encryption, the people behind pride themselves in their devotion to clear and non-intrusive safety. The company does seem entirely devoted to preserving customers’ privacy. The Mega cloud services commitment to security is so deep that the company makes its source code publicly accessible on Github so potential users may run their own safety audits. Is Mega.nz secure? Oh yes it’s. We’re convinced.

In accordance with its privacy policies and legal offenses, Mega complies fully with the GDPR, the European Union’s private data privacy regulations. Mega.nz follows GDPR guidelines for users anywhere in the world, not just in the European Union.

Want more? Mega has added two-factor authentication as an additional layer of safety.

The rest is left up to you. Mega recommends that you monitor the physical security of your devices and use a good password manager.

Benefits of Use

We were amazed at how easy it was to use and learn the Mega cloud service. Making a Mega.nz account is simplicity itself: just type your email address, select a password, and click the confirmation link which arrives in your emailaddress.

After your account has been installed, you’re taken to a browser-based dashboard. There, you will be greeted with a helpful pop-up tutorial which takes you through the most basic of Mega’s features and you’ll learn what the a variety of navigation buttons perform. This painless introduction makes it extremely easy to have a grip on all Mega’s attributes and capabilities.

When installing the Mega cloud storage desktop app, you are permitted to install your sync folders, which means you can quickly and quickly begin sending files to the cloud for storage (or downloading them if you’ve already installed your account on a different device). The cellular program also does an excellent job of explaining its fundamental functions and creating Mega cloud storage services approachable.


Pricing programs for Mega cloud storage services are divided into multiple tiers. There is a pretty generous free auto insurance program available, which naturally has the maximum limits regarding how much storage you get and how much data you can move to and from cloud storage every month.

Charged monthly, the Guru plans bring increased storage and a bigger monthly Mega transport quota. Last, there is the Mega Business plan, which allows multiple users, unlimited storage area, and unlimited data transfer.

Mega says its free plan gives you 50 GB of free cloud storage. This is not entirely correct. What you really get is 15 GB of free storage plus 35 GB more that disappears after the first month. Together with the Mega free program, your move is limited to 5 GB per day — roughly 150 GB a month.

The paid plans are divided into four tiers: Pro Lite, Pro I, Pro II, and Pro III. These plans differ primarily in their own monthly cost, with pricier plans attracting increased storage and transfer quotas. Mega accounts pricing for Pro programs is as follows:

PlanPriceStorageTransfer quota
Pro Lite€4.99/month400 GB1 TB
Pro I€9.99/month2 TB2 TB
Pro II€19.99/month8 TB8 TB
Pro III€29.99/month16 TB16 TB


As our Mega.nz review demonstrates, in regards to secure cloud storage, nobody competes with Mega. As a result of strong end-to-end encryption and other security features, you can rest assured that no one apart from you and the people that you share files with will be able to access your data.

Mega’s free program is also very generous (although it doesn’t actually offer you 50 GB of storage), and you may easily gain additional storage by completing a variety of tasks and discussing your friends.


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